Daisy at the Bench


Since graduating from The School of Jewellery at Birmingham City University, I have set up my studio in the heart of Sheffield city centre not far from the Peak District where I grew up. It is from here I work to create beautiful new pieces, bespoke commissions and repair much loved items of jewellery. I also love to pass on skills through the workshops I teach, more information about these can be found here.

The rolling hills of the Peaks with their soft curves and expansive greenery inspire both my bespoke collection of 'Rural Rings' and commemorative collection 'Springtime Florets'
Motivated by my love of contrast and combination I use a number of metal working processes; fold forming, hammering techniques and casting processes, creating fluid linear works which sit across the contours of the body as beautifully sculptural jewellery pieces within the bespoke range.

I enjoy the working relationship I have with metal, using the properties of the material to manipulate the surface texture and form, discovering what can be created from the initial sheet. I continue to look to ways in which I can develop my work both through visual inspiration from the ever changing contrasts of the world around me and via this exploration of different metal working processes.

The collection 'Springtime Florets' captures the same natural elegance and linear fluidity of the larger bespoke pieces on a smaller, more accessible scale, making these pieces ideal for everyday wear.

Working primarily with silver, I create these beautifully stylish pieces which are perfect gifts to commemorate significant milestones such as birthdays, graduations, weddings and other special occasions.